Mercy Education System of the Americas through its programming and services will provide and collaboratively work with others to develop educational resources for furthering the charism, core values and tradition of Mercy and for mission integration and mission effectiveness. 

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Critical Concerns Curriculum Guides for English and Social Studies

The curriculum guides below were designed by a group of Mercy educators in August 2017.

Background Information

The Critical Concerns Curriculum Guides embody 3 underlying principles:

  1. to seek what is true;
  2. to discern wisely; and
  3. to strive for justice.

Our Catholic faith calls us to always pursue what is true in times of uncertainty, to contemplate the core issues that require our assistance in the world today, and to inspire action for the causes of social justice. This is the heart of a Mercy education.


The purpose of the Critical Concerns Curriculum Guides is to encourage further implementation of social justice issues regarding women, nonviolence, immigration, racism, and Earth into Mercy schools. By organizing definitions, resources, guiding questions, content and lesson plans, this curriculum seeks to make it easier for teachers to access information for implementation into their classrooms.

Curriculum Guides