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These curriculum guides were designed by Mercy educators and focus on Mercy charism and Catholic identity.

Critical Concerns Summer Reading Lists

The English department at Mercy High School in Burlingame, California, developed a summer reading program that highlights our Mercy Critical Concerns. All files for the summer reading program are available on Google Drive. You an also view them as PDFs below:

Curriculum Guide: Nonviolence for Kindergarten

This guide, shared by educators at Colegio Santa Ethnea, includes curriculum ideas for natural and social environments, literature, visual education, personal and social formation / emotional education / integrated sexual education, practices of the use of language and physical expression.

View guide here.

Curriculum Guide: Works of Mercy & Catherine McAuley, Grades K-6

Using the framework of the 15 Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, this curriculum guide delves into the life and legacy of Catherine McAuley and provides opportunities and resources to inspire students about ways they can make Mercy real in the world today. A robust reference list provides information about service learning, suggested reading for students and teachers about the life of Catherine McAuley and much more.

Curriculum Guide as PDF  |  Curriculum Guide in Google Docs – To create a copy of the curriculum that you can save and edit, please click “File” then “Make a Copy.” Enter a unique name and then click “OK.” The copy you create will be visible only to you.

The curriculum writing team takes you on a tour of the curriculum in this video.

Curriculum Guide: Critical Concerns for English and Social Studies (Secondary School)

The curriculum guides below were designed by a group of Mercy educators in August 2018.  Click to download the guides in PDF format.

Supporting Materials

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