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Mercy schools are rooted in the Gospel through our Catholic faith.

Booklet: Why Choose a Catholic Education?

Sandy Flaherty, Director of Catholic Identity and Religious Studies teacher at Mercy High School in Burlingame, California, has published this informative and guiding resource for families considering a Catholic education. It is designed to educate parents on how Catholic education is distinct from other learning environments. Read it here.

Global Sisters Report - GSR in the Classroom

View GSR in the Classroom here. Topics include:

  • Advent
  • Environment
  • Human Trafficking
  • Lent
  • Migration
  • Race Relations
  • Vocations

This classroom guide is based on an article written by Sister of Mercy Jenny Wilson, theology teacher at Mount Mercy Academy (Buffalo, New York).

From the GSR in the Classroom website: GSR in the Classroom helps students learn about the varied missions and ministries of Catholic women religious — and religious life — around the world. Each lesson explores Global Sisters Report articles and columns more deeply by posing questions that first open readers’ minds to new learning, then help them understand what they’ve read. Other features deepen the message with pertinent passages from Scripture and Catholic social teaching. … Each lesson sends learners forth in prayer.

Teacher guides provide important background about the issues that each lesson explores, as well as engaging activities to focus the group and prayers that classes can lift up together.

… Most activities are easily adapted for group or individual use. Likewise, while our current target audience is high school learners, most elements are flexible enough for use by middle-school students as well.

Lenten Resources

  • “Lessons in Lent” from Global Sisters Report in the Classroom. This series of six lesson plans and teacher guides helps us draw nearer to Christ on his path to the Passion from the perspective of Catholic sisters. The series explores fresh meaning in familiar Lenten gospels and brings new depth to students’ Lenten disciplines and discoveries. Each installment includes a reflection from a Catholic sister, scripture connection, prayer, suggested action and more.
  • Video: Ash Wednesday Reflection from Sister Danielle Gagnon, RSM

Mercy Day 2020 Prayer Service

Our Mercy Day 2020 prayer service is themed “Uncharted Lands, Uncharted Waters,” symbolic of the uncharted territory we find ourselves in at this time. It includes readings about Catherine McAuley and Frances Warde journeying to unfamiliar lands to serve those in need. It also contains brief video reflections by Mercy students in Argentina, Belize and the United States about how they have engaged in service around the Critical Concerns during this time of pandemic. You are welcome to modify the prayer service as needed for your gathering.

Pandemic Prayer Resources

The MESA office has received several requests for prayer resources that schools might use as they start a new school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We have compiled a list of prayers from the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy schools and other resources – you can access the list here. Please let us know if you have any additional resources to share.

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