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There are many ways for school communities and individuals to get involved with the wider Mercy community.

March for Life Signs

Mercy-themed “March for Life” signs are available here. Schools are welcome to use these at local and national March for Life events. The posters are available as PDFs, size 11×17 inches, with messaging on both sides. If you wish to receive editable PhotoShop files to customize with your school’s logo, please contact Lauren Albright.

Mercy Focus on Haiti

  • Mercy Focus on Haiti website
  • October 2019 update on the humanitarian crisis in Haiti, including ways to contribute.
  • July 2019 announcement that student immersion trips to Haiti have been postponed indefinitely due to increased danger.
  • Coming soon – fundraising opportunities and lesson plans to help Mercy students learn more about the humanitarian crisis in Haiti and support the important work of Mercy Focus on Haiti.

Mercy International Association - Programs for Students and Educators

View the full list of programs available for students and educators from Mercy International Association in Dublin, Ireland.

Request a Prayer from the Sisters of Mercy

The Sisters of Mercy include all those in need in our daily prayer. Include your special intentions by submitting your prayer requests here.

School Activity: Mercy Monarch Milkweed Project

Become part of the Mercy Monarch Milkweed Project by creating a milkweed garden site on the monarch butterfly’s migratory path. Your site should include nectar and milkweed plants and be free of pesticides. You can then register your garden with Mercy Ecology, Inc. and receive a sign for your garden to identify it as part of the Mercy Monarch Habitat Network.

Learn more here.
Contact: Sister Anne Curtis, RSM

School Activity: Saint Kateri Habitat

Vegetable gardens, milkweed, chicken coops – our MESA schools engage in many creative and Earth-friendly practices to help students learn about stewardship and sustainability, hallmarks of the Mercy Critical Concern for Earth. These efforts can help your school earn distinction as a Saint Kateri Habitat. You can learn about the qualifications to become a Saint Kateri Habitat here.

The program is named in honor of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, the patron saint of Native Americans, First Nations Peoples, ecology and the environment.

Sisters of Mercy Action Alerts

Explore the current Sisters of Mercy advocacy efforts.  Get involved and raise your voice with ours!

#VoteWithMercy Digital Toolkit

Schools are welcome to use the graphics, gifs and messaging in classrooms, newsletters, alumni outreach, social media, etc. View the digital toolkit here.

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