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2023 Mercy Education Conference – Digital Exposition

Mercy educators inspire and learn from one another! The 2023 Mercy Education Conference offered participants the opportunity to access projects and lesson plans from around the globe that connect to Earth and Care for Creation. Thank you to everyone who submitted.

Name of Project / Nombre del ProyectoSubject / Área de enseñanzaGrade(s) / Grado (s)Brief Description / Breve descripciónSubmitted by
Community Storm Drain Clean Up and Marking
Environmental Science9-12Students will gain a deeper understanding of stormwater management and environmental stewardship while contributing positively to our local community.Breann Ross, Our Lady of Mercy Academy (Syosset, New York)
“What a Wonderful World”Music, Dance, Production9-12This project will involve the Select Chorus, led by Ms. Alyssa DeGuzman, at Our Lady of Mercy Academy, recording a cover / arrangement of their voices singing, "What a Wonderful World," along with the Dance Department, led by Ms. Julie O’Neill, choreographing a piece to go along with the singing. The Production Club, led by Ms. M.E. Ilardi, will be filming the performance, as well as behind the scenes footage. We plan on releasing the video for Earth Day in April 2024. The purpose of this video is to express how much we need to take care of this world, if we love it so much. The care that we put in, is what we receive back, in nature.Alyssa DeGuzman, Our Lady of Mercy Academy (Syosset, New York)
Action Plan Solutions on Climate Emergency
Cross-curricularK-12Reflections from staff after attending the Philippine Environment Summit and action plan solutions for Care of the Earth to address the climate emergency. Jean Rose L. Sabadoquia, Holy Cross High School of Kolambugan, Inc. (Philippines)
Ciencias Naturales y Prácticas del Lenguaje
Ciencias Naturales y Prácticas del Lenguaje1-6El proyecto de educación ambiental “Escuelas Conscientes” se plantea en el marco del Programa San Miguel Ciudad Consciente, que lleva a cabo la Municipalidad de San Miguel en referencia a la Gestión Integral de Residuos Sólidos Urbanos (G.I.R.S.U.). Su principal objetivo es incidir en la formación de la comunidad educativa, para alcanzar su íntegra concientización e incorporar a nuevas instituciones como “grandes generadores” de materiales reciclables a ser gestionados por parte de G.I.R.S.U.Mercedes Aranguren, Colegio Santa Ethnea (Argentina)
Laudato Si, Environment and St. Francis
Theology10-12The intrinsic link between a Human Ecology and An Environmental Ecology. The Gospel of Life is interconnected with the Gospel of Creation. Together they form an integral ecology.David Espinal, Our Lady of Mercy Academy (Syosset, New York)
Organic Vegetable Garden and Tree Planting
Cross-curricularK-12Guided by the call to stewardship, this guide provides resources to restore, care, and safeguard the Earth, with a special focus on ways our students in the Philippines created an organic vegetable garden and planted trees at their schools.Jean Rose L. Sabadoquia, Holy Cross High School of Kolambugan, Inc. (Philippines)
Sustainable Agriculture & Farming Proposal (link)Environmental Science10-12

AP and College Prep
Students will engage in an educational exploration of sustainable agriculture, which includes viewing a documentary, conducting research on local sustainable and organic farms, and formulating their sustainable farm proposals, complete with three-dimensional models. Students will present their proposals to their peers, seeking investment for their unique and sustainable farming proposal.Arielle Chard, Merion Mercy Academy (Merion Station, Pennsylvania)
Guardianes del Planeta
Formación personal y social, Prácticas del lenguaje, Ambiente natural y social.1-3Se aspira a crear hábitos y sembrar ideas que reflejen responsabilidad en el uso de los recursos e interés por la reducción de desechos. El objetivo fundamental del presente proyecto es crear una cadena de valores ambientales que trascienda a futuras generaciones que, en su vida cotidiana, practiquen acciones orientadas al cuidado de “Nuestra casa común”.Clara Palazuelos y Marina Parada, Colegio Santa Ethnea
Chernobyl Impact
Ambiente social y naturalKindergartenReconocer la interacción del hombre con el mundo animal y vegetal.Clara Palazuelos y Carolina Cristaldo, Colegio Santa Ethnea
Proyecto de compostaje
History10-12Lesson plan focuses on the causes and effects of the Chernobyl explosion and ends with a discussion on prevention.Kathryn Raia, Our Lady of Mercy Academy (Syosset, New York)
Scientific Method Lab with Basil Plants
Biology9Students design their own lab where they apply information they have found about how to increase the rooting time for basil plant cuttings. Through this they explore factors which contribute to plant growth, and reinforce their knowledge about the Scientific Method. Leah Wolford, Assumption High School (Louisville, Kentucky)
Earth Day
ReligionPreK – 8thSt. Bernard Academy has a full day Earth Day celebration. Classes learn about ways to take care of the earth and participates in an activity. Melody Clarke, St. Bernard Academy (Nashville, Tennessee)
Mercy Tree
Theology9-12In our Theology classes, each grade level reflected on and discussed what they could do to care for our Earth, and each student wrote their commitment down on a specific template created by the Theology teachers. From the student work and reflections, our Theology Department and Librarian created a “Mercy Tree,” which is now located outside our Library. Ms. Isabel Gachko, Mount Saint Mary Academy (Watchung, New Jersey)
Rachel Carson's Silent Spring
AP Language and Composition 11-12In April of each year, juniors in AP Language & Composition study Rachel Carson's Silent Spring chiefly for its rhetorical prowess, being the exam is one in rhetoric, but also for how monumental its publishing was. Dr. Joseph Bonk, Mount Saint Mary Academy (Watchung, New Jersey)
Conserving Our Oceans
Science10-12Our Science Department implements a lab in Ecology showing the effect of acidic conditions (vinegar in this lesson) on ocean life such as lobsters, corals, and clam shells.Dr. Michael Bernard, Mount Saint Mary Academy (Watchung, New Jersey)
El agua es vida
Spanish11-12Our Spanish teacher implements this unit in AP Spanish Language and Culture. They read the indigenous legends and the importance of water in civilizations (pp. 15-23). It includes the story of Noah´s Ark as well.Mrs. Madeline Albrittain, Mount Saint Mary Academy (Watchung, New Jersey)
Urban Forest and Climate Change
AP Environmental Science9-12In this laboratory exercise students will combine their understanding of biodiversity, urban planning, and climate change to determine the sustainable health of the school campus ecosystem. April Kelley, Lauralton Hall (Milford, Connecticut)
Sing the Earth
Music and EnvironmentK-12Through the teaching and learning of Earth-centered songs, (for example, “Earth Song”, words and music by Michigan composer Frank Ticheli), students will collaborate to perform a complex, respected piece of music which invites audience and singers to explore the beauty of nature and effects of climate change to inspire them to make changes or raise awareness outside of the music classroom.Abha Dearing, Mercy High School (Farmington Hills, Michigan)
One Community Projects
Cross-curricular9-12Students will engage with the Critical Concerns through the lens of media of their choice, connections to Catholic teaching, and their lived experience. The One Community Project brings a Critical Concern of focus alive each year for our students, staff, and families as we work on these projects together.Kathryn Geckle, Mercy McAuley High School (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Blessing of the Bees
Campus Ministry + HoneyBelles Club7-12Our beginner beekeeping club, the Honey Belles, and I collaborated to have our chaplain, Fr. Frederick, bless the bees, the beehive, and their equipment at the start of the harvest season and to ask God for protection during the winter weather. Josh Salman, Mount St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, Arkansas)
Environmental Justice Reflection
Religion6-12This project provides students a creative opportunity to reflect on course content. Students are tasked with writing a litany, maintaining a nature journal, and creating a collage. View rubric here.Erin DaCosta, Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall (Milford, Connecticut)
Earth: Developing an Action Plan
Theology9-12In this two-part lesson, students explore the Sisters of Mercy Critical Concern for Earth, then identify and develop a plan to address an environmental issue. Saint Catherine Academy (Belize)

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