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MESA Board Of Directors Shares Message Of Gratitude And Support

MESA Board of Directors Shares Message of Gratitude and Support

Earlier today, the MESA Board of Directors contacted school board chairs and heads of school. We are sharing their message of gratitude and support below.



Dear Board Chairs and Heads of School,

In these unprecedented times, we are witnessing unprecedented mercy within our MESA community. Administrators and faculty are working tirelessly to adapt to new virtual learning models. Parents and guardians have rearranged their homes and schedules to ensure a welcome learning environment for their children. And students are embracing so many challenges and uncertainties with resilience and enthusiasm. These expressions of mercy remind us that mission is not confined to the walls of a school. We praise the extraordinary efforts you have taken as you navigate through this challenging time.

At Mercy Education System of the America (MESA), we are actively seeking ways we can support the tremendous work you are doing at your schools. Some ongoing efforts include:

  • The MESA staff is reaching out to schools for casual check-ins to stay apprised of the continuously evolving situation with coronavirus.
  • We remain hopeful that we can carry out, and continue to joyfully plan for, upcoming MESA programs and events.
  • The MESA staff is continuing regularly scheduled cohort calls and adding additional meetings, as so many have expressed to us the desire to connect and share experiences and insights.
  • We are continuing with our scheduled Mission/Stewardship Reviews. We want to thank all of you for the clarity and details we are receiving. The MESA Board and staff are learning a great deal through this process.
  • Together with the MESA staff, we are collecting and distributing resources that may be helpful for online learning and/or virtual meetings, including spirituality resources.

Please reach out to us if there are additional ways we can support you.

Our hearts and prayers go out to you, our MESA community, as you continue your diligent work to educate students according to your high educational standards, Gospel values and Mercy charism. Earlier today during the weekly MESA staff meeting – conducted virtually, of course – the MESA staff prayed together with this service written by Sister Katie Mindling, RSM, MESA’s translator and interpreter. We share it with you here in case you may like to use it for virtual gatherings within your school community. It connects beautifully to the Feast of the Annunciation, which will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 25.

MESA Staff Prayer Service

In Mercy,
The MESA Board of Directors

Photo from Walsingham Academy (Williamsburg, Virginia).

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