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Mercy Education Welcomes Two Member Schools

Mercy Education recently welcomed two schools that are building on the Sisters of Mercy’s deep legacy in education: Mount St. Joseph Catholic High School in Mandeville, Jamaica, and NativityMiguel Middle School of Buffalo in Buffalo, New York.

Mount St. Joseph Catholic High School

  • Grades 7-13 (grade 13 opening for the 2021-2022 school year), enrollment – 850, coeducational
  • Founded in 2014 by the Sisters of Mercy and the Diocese of Mandeville in collaboration with the government of Jamaica.

At Mount St. Joseph, students are prepared holistically to confidently assume leadership roles wherever they go. The school shared: “We try to develop honest, responsible and respectful men and women of tomorrow. We inculcate in our students, attitudes of courtesy, tolerance and helpfulness towards each other and to the wider community.”

The school is recognized for its strong moral standards, excellence and discipline. As the newest Catholic school in the Diocese of Mandeville, the school has been able to emphasize the use of technology including projectors in most classrooms, internet access in some classrooms as well as access to laptops and tablets.

Strong emphasis is placed on environmental awareness and this is taught both within the curriculum and through extracurricular activities.

NativityMiguel Middle School of Buffalo

  • Website
  • Grades 5-8, coeducational
  • Founded in 2004
  • The school is co-endorsed by the Sisters of Mercy, USA Northeast Province of the Society of Jesus, Daughters of the Heart of Mary, and District of Eastern North America of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

In welcoming NativityMiguel as a member of Mercy Education, we also recognize that it has been a part of Mercy since the school’s founding in 2004 when it was endorsed by the former New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West Community of the Sisters of Mercy.

NativityMiguel transforms the lives of underserved students in a secure and nurturing environment on single-gender campuses: the St. Monica Campus for girls and the St. Augustine Campus for boys. Special features of the school include small classes, individualized attention from teachers and staff in a secured and structured learning environment, an extended school day and year and high school tuition assistance for graduates. Recent activities at the school have included an unplugged learning day without a device in sight and archaeological explorations in Derby, New York.

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