Mercy International Association is the organization of the leaders of Mercy Congregations, Institutes, and Federations throughout the world.  It was founded to serve the Sisters of Mercy, their associates, and colleagues in ministry.  The Association seeks to foster unity of mind and heart among its members, to increase awareness and experience of their global independence, and to facilitate collaboration of members to meet the needs of today and to work for justice.  It encourages and nurtures the flourishing of the Mercy charism within the various cultures of the world.


The Young Mercy Leaders program commenced in 2011 with the visit of Mercy secondary school and college students from across the globe to Mercy International Centre to experience together the riches of the Mercy story before returning to daily life better equipped to be leaders in their schools and world. The program was such a success that it is now being offered annually with secondary school and college programs being offered separately in alternate years.

The next Young Mercy Leader Pilgrimage for secondary schools will run from Tuesday, July 18 to Friday, July 21, 2017. More information can be found on Mercy International Association’s website