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The Mercy Education System of the Americas (MESA) is an international system of Mercy education ministries with ministries located in Argentina, Belize, Guam, Honduras, Jamaica, the Philippines, and the United States. As reflected in the first Spirit of the Institute Mercy Education System holds in trust the ministries of MESA and places its work in the tradition of the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley. Mercy education ministries, the ministries of MESA, though geographically diverse, share a common heritage, legacy and mission. Committed to meeting current needs Mercy education remains a vital component of the works of the Sisters of Mercy. The mission of MESA through its governance and service components upholds this commitment.


The programs of the Mercy Education System of the Americas are designed to further knowledge, understanding, and commitment to the mission and charism of Mercy. These programs can be explored on our website… READ MORE.


Mercy education has a long and rich history. One finds its roots in Ireland in the ministry of Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy and her co-workers. Mercy education, faithful to the tradition, continues to the present…. READ MORE.


Learn more about the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and its sponsored ministries on our website. This section also provides access to resources to learn more about Mercy internationally today… READ MORE.


“To be a Mercy Girl is to be the girl who challenges others to think not only about the girls sitting next to you, but to be an advocate and a global voice for the girls halfway across the world. It is to act as a unifying bridge in a place amongst diversity.”

“We have one solid comfort amidst this little tripping about: our hearts can always be in the same place, centered in God, for whom alone we go forward or stay back.”

“Mercymount prides itself on challenging its students to reach beyond their current capacity for learning and setting goals that surpass current state standards while continually integrating the Sisters of Mercy Mission throughout the learning process.”

Did you know there are 56 Mercy education ministries in Argentina, Belize, Guam, Honduras, Jamaica, the Philippines and the United States?

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We are praying for the delegation of Mercy sisters and colleagues who are at the U.S.-Mexico border this week to witness firsthand the struggles faced by migrants on both sides of the border.

Sisters of Mercy on Twitter

”Our border delegation somberly standing in front of of the wall that has caused so much division and pain.”


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