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“As Sisters of Mercy, we sponsor institutions to address our enduring concerns and to witness to Christ’s mission. Within these institutions, we together with co-workers and those we serve, endeavor to model mercy and justice and to promote systemic change according to these ideals.”

Constitutions #5


When an education ministry joins the Mercy Education System of the Americas (MESA), they create a covenant of relationship. The covenant is a shared agreement between the ministry and MESA which:

  • Is guided by the mission and teachings of the Catholic Church through the lens of the charism, core values, mission and tradition of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.
  • Articulates the responsibilities of each partner.
  • Includes parameters for accountability structures and places accountability within the context of mission and ministry.

This sample document describes the covenant relationship with MESA and sponsored schools. Co-sponsored and affiliated education ministries have unique covenants depending on their relationship with MESA.

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