Throughout the process to establish Mercy Education System of the Americas there was commitment that education ministries would be faithful to the charism, core values, mission and tradition of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.

As a key task force begun in August 2015, the Mercy Charism, Standards/Accreditation Task Force had as its purpose to ensure that the Mercy Charism is alive and readily identifiable throughout the full scope of the educational program of each Mercy sponsored school.

The accreditation process is an accountability process that provides the opportunity for schools and their leadership to determine whether or not they meet the Mercy Charism Standards for Accreditation. This is accomplished through a collaborative process of self-assessment, whereby schools establish a committee of stakeholders to evaluate and reflect on the program, to determine whether or not they meet each standard, and to celebrate successes and identify and plan for improvement in areas where growth is needed. The task force noted that the process would be ongoing and renewable.

The Board of Directors for Mercy Education System of the Americas has received the final report of the task forces and will decide on and share the chosen process for accountability/stewardship reporting with the education ministries. Noted here are the essential elements of the accreditation process recommended.


  • Simple Process
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Reasonable Timeline
  • Regard for other Accreditation processes and their timelines
  • Discernment Principles
  • A Focused Voice Input: intentional questions and defined parameters, clarity, hopes and dreams elicited
  • Provide Specific Mechanisms to elicit input
  • Inclusive: seeking input from Administration, faculty and staff, parents, students, boards and the civic community